Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Crowding out

I have learnt something about myself since I started on this wellness journey. I want the things I can’t have. I have slowly been making improvements on reducing the not so healthy things from my diet without too much drama. However whenever I make the conscious decision not to have a certain type of food or drink ever again… I NEED IT! The cravings become so intense that I think about it and want it every day.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Why isn’t it working?!

As I have previously posted about, I have been on this journey for almost two years. I have gone from a pasta loving, cokeaholic (the soft drink  variety!), binge drinking, self-hating twenty something to a vegie juicing, meditating, whole foods chef. I have fallen off the wagon more times than I can count and I am now in this in between state where I usually start the week off as a wellness warrior but end it in a messed up I-don’t-care-anymore binge fest! And I think I have figured out why!

Saturday, 11 May 2013

I have no friends!

I have taken the plunge and made a Facebook account for The Nourishment Newbie but so far... not one single friend! At this stage I am hesitant to link this to my personal Facebook page and friends (still working through some fears) but if there is anyone out there?? Please feel free to add me :)

Find me at:

Also it would be great to see some comments on my posts :) Just so I know I am not speaking to myself ;)

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Compare No More!

After listening to the audio from the Self Love and Sisterhood Earth Event yesterday I am finding things about comparison popping up everywhere! Not only did the girls discuss it in length on the audio recording but I found the above picture from a site I am new to, abundance affirmations in the 90 Day Transformation Project, even Facebook had an amazing quote which I quickly shared (also posted below).

Saturday, 4 May 2013

The 90 Day Transformation Project

It has begun! But I am off to a bad start...
It all started well, I went out and bought matching stationary, new pens, colourful post it notes. I was all pumped for my new beginning, but then things got busy. Really busy! April was full of hens weekends, travelling for my fiancé's rugby games, weddings, professional development and meetings after school, visiting family, stress and generally just business. The first thing to slip was my healthy diet. First it was a few extra take away nights here and there, then I stopped juicing and then it was a full on blow out on junk food!

It didn't take long for this to affect my health, mood and energy levels. Naps on the couch and unusually early nights became an every day occurrence. More grumpiness, lack of patience and feelings of stress and anxiety started to pop up again. Ugh when will I ever learn?? It's all connected and I need to stay on top of my diet in order to feel the way I want to feel.

It is very frustrating knowing that I know the way I need to live to feel my best but for some reason I am sabotaging this. But why?