Saturday, 7 September 2013

I binged (and I liked it!)… What’s next?

After a particularly full on couple of days I came home from work and went straight to the cupboard and fridge. A few rows of chocolate and a glass of coke later and the day’s worries were behind me. Soon after my fiancé arrived home and he had also had a pretty shitty day… so being the loving soon-to-be-wife I am, I loaded him up with chocolate and coke too. 

A nap on the couch and a few hours later talk turned to dinner. Still recovering from our sugar binge, neither one of us felt like cooking (and didn’t particularly feel like the meat and three veg that was planned for tonight’s dinner). So some genius decided we should get McDonalds. We deserved it after all… oh and McFlurrys too! Eating dinner was literally a blur… the food was gone just as fast as it was bought. Did we even chew?

My kitchen bench the morning after
Needless to say a few hours later we were feeling pretty sorry for ourselves. We were bloated, gassy and asking “Why did we just do that?!”

The point of this blog isn’t to show the perfect wellness lifestyle (evidently I am far from that) but it is to show how to deal with the imperfections. We are newbies after all and let’s face it… this lifestyle isn’t easy to stick to after a lifetime of eating completely the opposite way! I have a picture on my vision board that says strive for progress, not perfection and I encourage you all to adopt a similar attitude to avoid a LOT of negativity.

 Here are some steps you can take after that inevitable slip from your wellness path: