Monday, 1 April 2013

A Change is in the Air!

In my life there has recently been a shift. Things haven't  felt overly wrong, yet things haven't felt overly right either. Having just moved four hours away from family and friends I put it down to being homesick or that I was just taking time to settle in to my new life but I am beginning t think it's more than that.
After years of picking up every cold, flu and numerous bouts of tonsillitis and sinusitis I decided enough was enough! I was sick of being sick! After numerous blood tests the doctors came back with nothing. They told me to stop burning the candle at both ends... It's normal for people in your field of work... You are still recovering from gladular fever so there's not much we can do about it. This was not the answer I was looking for. So I decided to check out the natural side of things. My sister had been studying naturopathy and friends had suggested acupuncture so off I went in hopes of some answers.
And I fell in love! Not only could I sense their empathy and understanding of how I was feeling (they had seen my symptoms in many frustrated patients before!) but they had solutions and reasoning as to why I was feeling this way. A few sessions and a bunch of herbal remedies later I was seeing the progress my body was making.

But it didn't stop there... My interest in this field continued to grow. I became obsessed with health blogs, started juicing, went on a restrictive elimination diet and started learning how to love myself. However by the time my elimination diet had finished I went right back into old habits. It started slowly at first... A little treat here and there. Then I stopped juicing, my affirmations disappeared from my phone and mirrors and even reading my favourite blogs made me feel like a failure.
My ego went wild! I started getting stressed, emotional and sick all over again. I blamed my job, I had been transferred to a particularly tricky location and I told myself that if I could be transferred at the end of the year things would be different. And sure enough I was transferred. I was positive things would be different... Better! But it only took one week at my new placement to realise that things were exactly the same. Maybe it wasn't the location... Maybe I just wasn't loving my work as much as I used to?
One Saturday I was home alone and bored and stumbled upon a link to a free screening of Hungry for Change. This powerful documentary sparked my interest in health again. I decided to check out some of my old favourite health blogs. First up was Melissa Ambrosini's Path to Wellness. It was there I came across a video interview with Christine Hassler who was talking about 20 something's and the common crisis they often face at this stage of their lives. I found myself nodding along with their conversation. And before I knew it I had a copy of her book in the mail... Express post!
After this I popped over to Tara Bliss at Such Different Skies. Somehow I was linked through to Connie Chapman's site who had just started promoting her 90 day transformation project. Again click! I was signed up before I realised what I was doing. Their promises of finding our what truely made me happy and turning this into a career was everything I needed and more!
And after a few different conversations with friends and family over the Easter break I am even more pumped to begin my journey! A change is in the air!

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