Saturday, 20 July 2013

Change your mindset!

I am reading a lot about manifestation lately and while I'm approaching a crossroads in my life I want to make sure that I don't recreate some of the less desirable things about my life now in my future. I am trying to practice acceptance of where I am right now and to do that, I have had to shift the way I am viewing my current situation.

Some words of advice from Connie Chapman on my desire to leave my current job...
If we are unhappy where we are, and we make our current situation wrong, we might manifest something new to fix it and as a result we just get more of the same...

This is the last thing I want... I want my future (and my present) to be one filled with love and passion so this week I set the intention to shift my mindset into a more positive space.
My job - Not only do I have a secure, regularly paying job but it is giving me insight into my future target audience. It allows me time after work and on weekends to work on myself and what I love as well. I am also lucky enough to receive regular paid holidays every 10/11 weeks when I can refresh, revive and spend large chunks of time 'getting things done!'

My hour commute each day - This has become my zen time. The radio is off and I can enjoy the silence and sit with my thoughts. On the way to work I have time to set my intentions for the day and make a mental list of what I need to get done and on the way home I can release the worries of that day and arrive home refreshed.
My work colleague (the one who makes me feel terrible) - she is teaching me the very important lesson that not everyone will like you (and that's okay)! I am also learning how to not allow others' actions influence how I feel about myself. The way she acts is a reflection of herself and has nothing to do with me!

Being so far away from family and friends - makes the time we do have together so much more special! I have found my true friends... The ones who keep in contact despite the distance and the time between visits.

Being exhausted - I am learning to listen to my body and what it wants and needs. More sleep? Sure! Feeling sluggish after having wheat at lunch... Will try cut back some more.

The rain - makes me appreciate the sunny days more! We had one warm, sunny afternoon and it felt amazing! The windows were down on my long drive home from work and I detoured via the beach for some zen time in the sun!

Even little things like getting stuck behind the slowest driver in the world, I am pausing and thinking "what lesson could I be learning here?" instead of letting the negative thoughts take over. These simple mind shifts have really helped me to appreciate what I already have and have given me some unexpected things to add to my gratitude list.

What is something unusual you could add to your gratitude list? Post below :)
For example... last weekend I finally got around to doing the weeding. I had been putting it off for months because let's face it - it's the worst. job. ever! Anyways I ended up rather enjoying myself... not only was it one of those rare sunny, warm afternoons we seem to be lacking up here lately but I also got to meet some of the neighbours. They would walk past with their cute dogs and we would chat about how terrible weeding is and their dogs etc. Conversations and people I would have missed if I wasn't out the front of my house weeding. I also soaked up some much needed Vit D, got to get a little dirty and feel the grass between my toes... very grounding!


  1. I am grateful for buying petrol...I used to shudder whenever the petrol light cam on and now I almost feel triumphant. Every week I fill my car it means I have enough money to afford to fill my car, it means I have the freedom to drive somewhere different if I want to and to adventure :) xo

    1. Ha that's funny because I used to think that filling up petrol was the worst job in the world and hated that I was spending so much on something I didn't even see! But yes funny how when your mind set changes how it can be something to be grateful for.