Saturday, 13 July 2013

Nourishing Newbie Snacks

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I LOVE to eat and having yummy and healthy snacks on hand is one of the easiest ways to stay on track in your health journey. At work I like to have easy to eat things to get me through the day. I usually use my Sundays to prep these snacks ready for the working week.

Heat up some coconut oil in a sauce pan and pop your desired amount of kernels. Sprinkle with Himalayan salt when you are done. I like to make up a big batch and split them into zip lock bags for little packs throughout the week.

Carrot and Almond (or any other nut) Butter
Chop them up and spread it on! Could it get any easier? It’s also good with sliced apple and celery sticks.

Corn chips and Dip
Again this is super easy, I grab a pack of organic corn chips and mash up an avo and I’m happy! You could get fancy and add some lime juice or spices but I like to keep things simple. Avos are packed with good fats and help you feeling fuller for longer.  This is a great option to take along to a BBQ so you have a safe go-to-snack.

Super Balls
This one can be a little more time consuming (and messy!) to make but it is totally worth it. I don’t really work with a recipe as I just add in whatever I feel like and the product comes out different every time I make them. I start with a small jar of brazil, almond and cashew spread and just add in super foods! You just need to add in enough dry ingredients so that the mixture can form a ball. Then just roll it in shredded coconut and store in the freezer. These feel like you are having a treat but are actually  a great injection of nutrients from all those super foods you have added.

I usually add: cacao powder, chia seeds (good for soaking up moisture), maca powder, goji berries or other chopped up dried fruit, LSA meal, oats, chopped up nuts, more coconut etc.

What are your go to snacks when you are busy? Post your ideas below.

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